Mason Jar-O-Lanterns!

halloween mason jar


As far as multi-purpose goes, mason jars are quickly becoming the go-to item. You can dress these simple glass containers up or make them into a quirky craft great for any season!

Everyone loves carving pumpkins, creating those ghoulish and ghostly designs ready to light the path to that toothsome candy on Halloween night.  But one of my family’s favorite spooky decorations that are just as fun (and less messy!) to make are Jar-o-lanterns!

To create your own all you need is:

Glass mason jars of assorted sizes

Acrylic paint in ghastly colours!

Permanent marker

Clear glaze (modge-podge will do!)

Make sure your jars are clean and dry, free of any cracks or chips. Use your paint to coat the jars – one to two coats will do; paint that’s too thick will impede that lantern glow.

Add creepy features with black paint or permanent marker, and then spray with a clear glaze or brush on mode-podge for shiny finish.  I like using battery powered (or solar powered) LED lights to create that eerie glow, but tea-lights will work just as well. Place your jars outside or on your windowsill and viola! You have the perfect mood lighting for the spookiest night of the year!


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