Monster Repellent

no monsters


Its dark out and you’re sitting tucked up in your favorite cozy blanket, book in hand, your sleepy-time tea steaming on the coffee table. You are just getting into the story when you hear a frantic “Mom! Mom!” coming from the bedroom down the hall.  The book is tossed to the side as you rush to your childs calls.

You fling open the door to see your little one huddled in his bed, favorite toy clutched to his chest and tears streaming down his cherubic face.  You think that something horrible must have happened, what else could have caused your sons distress?

“What is it, darling?” you question, wrapping the scared little boy in your embrace.  He flings his arms tightly around your neck and stutters “m…m…Monsters!”

I can remember as a child believing there was something lurking in my closet or under my bed, especially if I had spent the time before bed reading an unnerving story or watching a spooky program on the television.  My parents always assured me it was nothing, even checking the corners and cubbies of my room to soothe my fears.  But I never felt quite right curling up in my bed afterwards unless the hall light was left on and my door left open a crack.

Being a mother myself, and experiencing these same frightful incidences with my daughters, has given me a new perspective.  It broke my heart to see the fear in my little ones eyes as they imagined the creepers lurking in the dark shadows of their room.  I had heard of some parents using different techniques to comfort their children on such occurrences, and had tried a few out myself, but there was one that stuck with me that I loved, and that comforted my daughters on those lurid and tremulous nights.

It was as simple as finding an old spray bottle laying around the house, peeling off the label (if it had one) and taping on our own “Monster Repellent” logo. I found that, for my girls, it was a better idea to make the bottle myself, then present it to them on a night when the “monsters” were skulking.  I added a couple drops of soothing essential oils, lavender and roman chamomile, to the water, to give it a pleasant smell as well as infuse the room with a little something extra to help my girls sleep.

The spray worked wonders! The first few nights I left the spray on the nightstand by my eldest daughters bed, assuring her that it was within reach and giving her an example by spritzing the concoction all around the room. I mentioned that monsters really hated the smell of the repellent and if she woke up frightened in the night, all she had to do was spray a few droplets around her bed and she would be safe until morning.  The wonderful smelling liquid did the trick, and with the assurance of the “repellent” at their sides, both girls slept soundly.

Monster Repellent Ingredients:

1 Spray Bottle


Two or three drops each of a calming essential oil

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