We are always looking for ideas and submissions.  If you have a post you’d like us to consider for the blog, or a subject, location, or activity you think would make a good blog post, email us at  Click on the contributor’s name to link to their posts. Contributors are featured below with a link to their websites and contact information if they want to be contacted.

Our Bloggers

Kerry George – Kerry is the Mother of two teenage children and one young adult. She has lived in the Calgary area for the last 17 years and has visited many of the historical sites from around Southern Alberta while she home-schooled for the first ten years of her kids education. She was a Pastor for many years but now that the kids are more grown she has pursued a career in business. She currently owns the Calgary Business Network, Loyal2U Marketing, and is the CEO of the Canadian Imperial Business Network. Many of the articles on this site were written by her over the last few years but now younger moms are contributing with more updated information. You can still follow Kerry’s personal blog about life and business here.

As busy mother of two little girls under ten, Hillary Doucette, a long-time Calgary resident, is a recent contributor to the Kids in Cowtown site. Passionate about family and children, Hillary takes joy in sharing her unique ideas and finds inspiration in her lovably and wacky little girls! A long-time lover of literature and writing, Hillary enjoys blogging, researching and exploring new and fun things to do in her hometown!  You can check out her articles weekly on the Kids in Cowtown Webpage.

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