Colourful Pumpkin Vase

pump vase

It’s not quite October yet, but the autumn colours and slight chill in the air remind us that these first days of fall will go by quickly! As the days cool off and our families are settling into the “inside” routine once more, I always like to find new and fun activities that everyone can participate in.  I have been using pumpkins for years as decoration – their bright colours and longevity make them fun and easy to use, with endless craft possibilities!

One of my favorite seasonal crafts is the Pumpkin Vase.  This bright and lively feature is always a conversation piece,  and it is sure to enliven any space!

What you’ll need:

Medium-sized pumpkin

Flowers gathered from your garden or local greenhouse

Floral foam brick or styrofoam

How do create your Pumpkin Vase:

Cut the lid off your pumpkin, ¼ of the way down from the top. Scoop out the gooey seeds. Pat down the inside of the pumpkin with a paper towel to soak up the excess moisture.

Cut the floral brick or Styrofoam to be the same size as the hole you have created in the pumpkin.  Place it inside.

Arrange the biggest flowers evenly throughout the foam block. (I always like to let my kiddo’s have some fun with this part!)

Finish up by using the rest of the flowers to fill in the gaps between the larger flowers. I find that the shorter stemmed blooms look best around the outside edge of the pumpkin. I always end up making two or three of these beautiful and natural vases; they are quite an eye-catcher!  Now all you have to do is place one on your table as a stunning centerpiece or outside for the whole neighborhood to admire!

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