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There are many reasons that one may need a tutor. Adults wanting to learn a new language or those who want to get better at speaking English may need a tutor. College students striving for those higher grades may want to invest in a tutor to help them reach academic achievements. Also anyone preparing for a test or trying to get accepted into a new program may want a tutor.

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7 Reasons Why Your Child May Need A Tutor

1. Lacking Organizational Skills

Some children have trouble remembering where they left their backpack. They don’t get the pencils back into the pencil case. Things are missing from their desk. They forget things in their locker. Perhaps there is a reason for this such as ADHD. Maybe it just is not their thing. So how can we help get them on the right track and moving forward?

Working with a tutor that has been carefully selected and matched to their personality can be a great assistance to their learning process. Simple skills can be trained and a tutor with the right methods and patience can make a significant difference in the life of this child.

Calgary Tutor Doctor2. Not Managing Time Very Well

Many of us can remember not getting an assignment in on time as a child. Remember the stress? Kids struggle with time management issues just like adults do, but imagine the advantage of having someone work with them to overcome these things when they are young. A tutor can assist your child to improve study habits, be more self-motivated, and then keep pace with assignments and tests.  They do not need to be the victim of procrastination. If you see them putting off assignments until the last minute a tutor can be a life saver offering the support that you need as a parent to reinforce the importance of getting things done!

3. Slipping Grades

Everything was going well but now grades are slipping in one subject or possibly more than one subject. It could be that there is a lack of interest. Your child may be drifting or daydreaming more than they used to. There may be a psychological reason, it may be a phase, or perhaps they just need a little help getting back on track. A tutor can help you explore the reasons why this may be happening while they are working on a plan to help your child get those marks back up.

4. Confusion

We all have things we are good at and things we are not naturally good at. Some subjects require more work than others. Often when a child is confused about a project they don’t feel comfortable asking the uncomfortable questions, or it may be that their question was overlooked in large room of students. Having a tutor gives them an edge over confusion. Now they have someone working with them, anticipating the challenges and answering the questions that were not asked in the classroom. A tutor equips the child not only with the answers but the skills to ask the right questions and seek out the answers.

5. Lacking Self-Confidence

Do you remember ever being told that you were not smart? Do you remember feeling inadequate? These things happen to our children too. Kids can be shy. There is a lot of fear around making an oral report. Children can get stuck and if they have nobody to voice their concerns to they typically stop talking about it and then move into avoidance. This doesn’t have to happen.

A tutor can give your child more confidence. The work that is done with a tutor causes a child to feel more self-assured and that gives them the self-confidence that they need in the classroom.

6. Help Wanted By Parents

We all have to work for a living. It is a necessary part of life. We want to be there for our kids and help with the homework, but sometimes our schedules just don’t line up with our heart. There are the commitments of work, and the obligations of our community efforts. There are ballet lessons, piano lessons, hockey tournaments, and more to work into our lives. Mom is going one way and Dad is going another way, and the kids are going every direction. This is life!

Don’t feel bad about it. Tutors can help ease the scheduling conflicts of the modern family and bring some stability to the study habits of the children. This is a great option that offers many benefits to the kids and the parents.

7. Learning Disabilities

A lot of us have things we need to overcome. ADHD, Mental Health Disorders, Dyslexia, Developmental Issues, and more can be assisted by a hand picked tutor who has experience and wisdom to get the results that our family needs.


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