Aromatherapy for Children and Infants

Rosemary essential oil


It is one of the oldest holistic techniques we know of and is becoming more widespread as knowledge grows. We have all heard of the use of essential oils to help calm and heal people with diverse ailments. There are many different approaches to holistic healing that are available to adults and children alike, however it is extremely important that you research any method prior to diving into any new management of illness.

If you follow safety guidelines, not only is it safe to use aromatherapy on your children, but it is also very beneficial to your child.  This is especially true if your child is sick or having trouble sleeping.  The calming effect essential oils can help a child who is agitated or restless.

If you have an infant, baby massage is a wonderful way to bond with your baby, and studies show that babies who receive regular massage are healthier, sleep better and have less anxiety than babies who are not massaged at all.  A good time to start massaging your baby is around two months of age.  Your child is growing at an amazing rate, and stimulating their senses is vital for a healthy start.

There are certain essential oils that are safe and recommended for your baby such as: Roman chamomile, neroli, lavender, mandarin or rose.  Always only use .5% dilution or less, and never more than one drop of essential oil at any time.

For baby massage, mix 1 drop of your desired essential oil into two tspn of your base oil (I like coconut oil or sweet almond oil). Make sure you are in a warm room where the baby will be most comfortable.

Gently message the arms, legs, feet, chest, back and stomach.  Most babies enjoy being massaged, but if you are getting signs from the baby that they want you to stop, than do so.  Wrap the baby in a warm blanket or cozy clothing when finished with the massage.

Another great way to incorporate the use of healing essential oils into your childs routine is at bath time. Use only diluted essential oils in the bath. Infants and children have much more sensitive skin than adults and both have a habit of putting their fingers in their mouths and rubbing their eyes.

Choose the oil you use carefully – different oils are useful for different things. If your child or baby is restless and agitated, use roman chamomile or neroli in a massage or bath. To help your child sleep, lavender is wonderful in the tub or a drop or two on your little ones sheets or pajamas.

Essential oils are a safe alternative to using pharmaceuticals that can be harsh and abrasive to your child’s delicate system. When possible, organic is the way to go – nature knows best!


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