Colourful Leaf Rubbings

leaf rubbing

One of the simplest and favorite activities my family always looks forward to in autumn is none other than colourful leaf rubbings we all know so well!

As we watch the trees change hues from deep verdant greens to vibrant golds, scarlets and coppers, we know that soon those leaves will be falling from their branches to decorate the ground below – just in time for us to collect them and make our very own colorful leaf creations!

What you will need:

A thin sheet of paper (Wax paper will do)

Crayons or oil pastels

Leaves of various shapes and sizes

How to make your creation:

First place your leaf bottom side facing up on a flat surface.

Next put a thin sheet of paper on top of the leaf, making sure it is covering the entire leaf.

Use your crayon or oil pastel to gently rub over the paper on top of the area covering the leaf.  You will soon see interesting designs starting to appear!

Keep going until you’ve rubbed your colour over the entire leaf then remove the paper from on top – voila! You will have a beautiful impression of your special leaf.

You can repeat the same technique using other colours and other leaf shapes, or even create a collage with many leaves overlapping each other

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