Johnston Canyon

We’ve hiked this many a time and it’s usually our go-to hike when visitors come.  Johnston Canyon is located past Banff on the 1A. There are great falls and a canyon to see but beware there are also lots of crowds on busy weekends!  The catwalks and bridges are narrow so walk single file to let the traffic on the other side pass.  I find that it’s a bit of a lesson for the kids about sharing the trail with others.

Still there’s a lot to see along the way! There are also many benches along the way for breaks or to let others pass. This hike has waterfalls all along the trail so no need to bribe with a lake stop! And we found that there is a nice spot at the upper falls for a lunch break before heading back down.


My daughter’s best part of hiking is reading the map before we head out. This one even has pictures of animals in the area – might even be a good scavenger hunt to do along the trail to keep them entertained!




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