Rock On!

painted rocks

They come in all different shapes and sizes, rough or smooth, flat or round, and there seem to be endless things to create with them when you have the imagination of a child! Yes, I am talking about rocks! We have all seen colorfully decorated stones and pebbles, some in eclectic artisan stores, others in our own neighbors’ gardens. My favorite, however, have always been the simple yet fun designs that are made by our own little resident artists, our children!

Found almost everywhere, rocks can be a wonderful medium for a child to style unique ideas, creating their own petite masterpieces they can be proud to give as gifts or use in their own home.  Rock art is as easy as finding a few stones that appeal to your child, big or small, dusting them off and setting up the paint!

I always use acrylic paint with my kids, as it tends to try with a glossy sheen. However, acrylic is not as easy to wash out of clothing as tempera paint, so if you are going to go the acrylic route, make sure your little ones are wearing some old clothes you don’t mind getting stained. All you will need are a few clean rocks, a pencil, assorted colours of paint, a paint brush and water to rinse! Depending on where your little artists decide to paint, a bit of newspaper or paper towel beneath their rocks is a good idea as well.

Have your child sketch what they want on their rock first, this way they can erase any mistake they may make and have a guide for their decoration once they begin to paint. Next, get the paint ready! Brightly coloured “pet rocks” are always an eye-catcher in the garden – a lady bug here, a bumblebee there! There are endless designs your child can create, let their imagination take the wheel! When they have finished crafting their perfect project, make sure they put their rocks in a sunny place to dry.  Acrylic is a fast drying paint, so it shouldn’t take too long before their new pebbly pets are ready to liven up any environment! Adding a pair of googly eyes can also be a fun addition to their rock, but make sure to glue them on once the paint has thoroughly dried. Now your child will never be without a little buddy they can tote anywhere, and your garden will never be the same again!




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