Prince’s Island Park

Finally Spring seems to be here! Is it just me or are the winters getting longer? Sometimes I feel so lucky to be in Calgary during the winter because I know the rest of the country has it much worse but still… It just goes on and on.

It is great to finally get out into our Calgary Parks and enjoy the trails, the play centers and the fresh air.

One of our favorite parks over the years has been the Prince’s Island Park downtown because of all of the celebrations that go on there. Just about every weekend something exciting is going on. We have heard some of the best and most creative music there from all over the world. There is a play area, picnic areas, and canoe access to the river. There are great restaurants such as the River Cafe nearby to eat at or one can bring a bag lunch from home.

The Canada Day Celebration and the Folk Festival later in July are attended by people from all over the world. It is a great highlight in Cowtown so definitely check those out!

Did you ever wonder why it is called Prince’s Island? It is not because some toad was turned into a prince there and it was not named after royalty either. It was named after Peter Anthony Prince who was a lumberman. He came to Calgary in 1886 from Quebec and founded the Eau Claire Lumber Mill. In 1947 the land was purchased by the city of Calgary from the Prince family to develop park land. Today it is one of the most beautiful and creative parts of our city throughout the spring and summer season.

See you at the park!



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