Day 12 – Drummer Drumming

Drummers Drumming

Enjoy this Christmas classic…

I have teenagers. I have no ears left. Way too much drumming going on. Is it just me or are all the songs on the radio to the same beat? Bands are weird now too. Pick a direction, a color, or a trench. Is “headly” what you get when fighting off lice? Beaver Fever was definitely a disease you did not want.

I am thinking that 12 drummers drumming would drive me quite nuts today. It would be right up there with “let’s invite 30 children over and let them decorate our walls with icing!” Or maybe we could walk all of the neighborhood dogs today at the same time. That would be fun… Or maybe now would be a good time to clean out all of our cupboards, that basement crawl space, and the attic too! NOT…

I am opting out tonight and going for something sweet and peaceful.

Tomorrow is Christmas and we hope that you did enjoy The 12 Days Of Christmas!

Here is The Biebs With Santa Claus Is Coming To Town!

And one more Christmas favorite of all time just for fun!


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