Day 9 – Ladies Dancing

Nine Ladies Dancing

Hmmmm… I don’t think that is going to be “kid friendly”…  I grew up in Saskatchewan. I remember the first time some young woman told me she was a “Dancer.” I asked her, “Do you mean in the ballet?” Seriously… I had no clue!

Ok I have a better idea. Mom and the kids can put on Christmas music and dance around. That sounds like fun. Since it is Friday night that we are getting ready for we could even make sure we have some Christmas movie favorites in the house like The Sound Of Music, The Wizard of Oz, Home Alone, or Mommy’s favorite (because it has Arny in it) Jingle All The Way!

Also there are some awesome things to get into tonight on YouTube. The kids will absolutely love to hear dogs barking and cats singing to favorite Christmas tunes! These are just a couple to wet your appetite. There are a whole lot more if you search them on You Tube!

Kerry Christmas 2Kerry George was has three children Zechariah, Joshua and Naomi and started her writing career by publishing the book “Juicy Fruit Christianity” in 2001. Since then she has written numerous articles for Today’s Business Woman, Faith Today and multitudes of blogs and online publications for ministry and business related publications. Currently she is the owner of Loyal2U and the Calgary Business Network and has a personal blog at She also creates content for a variety of businesses in the Calgary market.


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