Day 8 – Maids A Milking

Eight Maids A Milking

Maids a Milking – Have you ever tried to milk a cow? I have. I grew up on a farm. Seriously if more people had to milk a cow there would be a lot less milk consumers. They are stinky. They kick. They slap you with their big dirty tail and they try to push you off the milking stool with their girth. I would rather take up sumo wrestling!

Imagine back to the beginning of time when there was the very first person fighting the calf for the milk. Seriously… how did he get that idea in the first place?

Well we did milk in the Egg Nog yesterday so let’s talk about something else that is white and wintery. I met a friend from Trinidad a few months ago and they told me that they did not know what a snow angel is. So find a foreign friend push them out in the snow and make an angels right now. Just kidding…

You go first and show them how. Play nice!

Get some toboggans and sliders out or go skating.


Kerry Christmas 2Kerry George was has three children Zechariah, Joshua and Naomi and started her writing career by publishing the book “Juicy Fruit Christianity” in 2001. Since then she has written numerous articles for Today’s Business Woman, Faith Today and multitudes of blogs and online publications for ministry and business related publications. Currently she is the owner of Loyal2U and the Calgary Business Network and has a personal blog at She also creates content for a variety of businesses in the Calgary market.


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