Day 3 – Three French Hens!

Three French Hens…

I don’t care if the hens can speak Spanish and Italian I don’t want them in my house. Have you ever been around chickens? They scratch and poop and they smell bad!

I am thinking it would be better to make a few more ornaments for the Christmas tree tonight. It is starting to look a lot like Christmas in here. So let’s go a few more steps and build a few of my favorite Christmas ornaments.

Cinnamon Cut Outs

Day 3 Cinnamon_OrnamentsWe made these a few times over the years. Make sure that you have a room you can close the door on so they can dry out without smothering you with the smell of cinnamon. We all love cinnamon but too much is overwhelming. One year I actually had some shortness of breath for a week and finally realized it was because of the overpowering smell of cinnamon in our Christmas craft. Once dry though these are awesome ornaments and they stay beautiful for years and years!

Patchwork Balls

These are very nice and really down home and warm feeling. They make the tree look like it has mini quilts on it and give a pioneer feel to the whole thing.

Dough Animals And Angels

We made polar bears when the kids were very small and we still hang them on the tree 10 years later. A wonderful gift to take to grandma’s house, just be sure that she knows not to eat them!

Now… if we must do something with chickens tonight, let’s put one in a pot and make some soup!


Kerry Christmas 2Kerry George was has three children Zechariah, Joshua and Naomi and started her writing career by publishing the book “Juicy Fruit Christianity” in 2001. Since then she has written numerous articles for Today’s Business Woman, Faith Today and multitudes of blogs and online publications for ministry and business related publications. Currently she is the owner of Loyal2U and the Calgary Business Network and has a personal blog at She also creates content for a variety of businesses in the Calgary market.


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