Make a String Of Popcorn!

Make a Popcorn String this Christmas!

Make a Popcorn String this Christmas!

One year on Christmas Eve I decided to make a string of popcorn for the Christmas Tree like we had when I was a kid. Guess what? One day is not enough. Don’t put that kind of pressure on yourself!

If you want to have a nice long string of popcorn to decorate the tree with you need to start now, and it works a whole lot better if you enlist a couple of partners. So go out and buy some thick thread and get a good sized needle and while you are watching television you can get quite a bit done. In fact, if you and the kids each take a turn you can pass it around over a few nights and you can have a family project that literally strings you together.

Making a popcorn garland is a wonderful seasonal activity. This Christmas craft was practiced by some of our early pioneers as they brought their holiday traditions over with them from Europe. Put some apple cider on the stove and curl up on the couch.

This is so much nicer and way more authentic than anything that you can buy from the dollar store. If you want to be really fancy you can string cranberries into it as well or make a separate string of cranberries. It is also fun to tell your children stories about what Christmas was like while you were growing up as you make your decorations.

Have fun!

Popcorn string 1


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