Is Health, Weight or Success Important To You As A Mom?

As a single mom I believe it is really important to look after myself. I feel every mother wants to be sharp and ready for whatever situation comes at us next but as a single woman I have had to learn that the cavalry is not coming to rescue me. If I get sick – who will be there to look after the children? If I can’t work – who will get the bills paid?

In life however things happen. A couple years ago I watched in horror as my one of my friends got ill. Although she is only in her late thirties work related stress caused her blood pressure to rise and her health to diminish. She was fortunate that her husband made enough money that she could take the necessary time to recover. Another friend in her forties had part of her bowel removed and was unable to make income for most of last year, and she was not as fortunatel.

While some of these things are difficult to avoid being pro-active is a good idea. We need to pay attention to what we eat and the exercise that we get to keep us in good shape. Of course we all know that but when we have gotten into bad habits it can be really hard to get back on track. I know what that feels like. We just kind of give up. Why not have the whole bag of chips? Its late, I am tired and I am feeling like just kicking back to watch a little television. Do ya feel me?

The thing is though we feel worse later when we get on the scale don’t we?

So sometimes it is good to have a little help to get back on track.

A couple months back I started working with Donna Reid and I found her to be more than helpful. Donna has a new product and a new idea on how to get turned around. She did more than just weigh me, she did a Body Composition Analysis. She measured everything! And she did a computer assessment on the spot that told me my body fat, my lean muscle mass and my hydration. It was awesome!

I knew for years that my metabolism was slow but this took the mystery out of the solution. Donna had the answers that I needed. I am finally losing weight and I feel a lot better.

Donna sometimes does speaking engagements for groups to tell you all about this but here is her website info so you can connect with her directly.


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