Black Diamond Light Up The Lights

Come to Light Up The Lights December 1, 2012!

There are a lot of very neat events in Cowtown but there are also a lot of great events just out of town. Many of the small towns and cities in our region have exciting things going on celebrating the season.

Every year Black Diamond has “Light Up The Lights” with hayrides, free cookies and cider, late night shopping, chestnuts sold from the open fire, caroling and a whole lot more. This year the event will be held December 1st and it starts in the afternoon going right up to about 7:30 PM.

This frontier style town has a lot to see and do for a family outing any time of year. Marv’s Soda Shop has a 50’s motif and the European style bakery has been drawing people from around the country for years. You have to get a mocha or a latte from The Stop and you may even be lucky enough to be there on an evening when they are featuring live entertainment.

On December 7 & 8th The Gospel Chapel will put on their annual presentation of “The Christmas Story.” It starts at 6:30 with hayrides and then goes into the play with real animals courtesy of Shirley Mandell who also owns the Bed & Breakfast Welcome Acres. So if you want to spend the night you can do that too!

Tell us your favorite Christmas events and we will post them and also watch for our upcoming series “The Twelve Days Of Christmas” that we will begin posting December 12th, complete with recipes of Christmas cookies, great ideas for Christmas crafts, and Christmas traditions and stories from the George family who has been on this continent for a mere 200 years or so.

See you soon at a blog near you!

You may even see this on a winters day in Black Diamond, Alberta.


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