Getting Into the Mood For Christmas

I know Halloween seems to be just over and all the Holiday stuff is coming out in the stores. If you are like me you don’t feel quite ready for it. But why not enjoy the entire Christmas Season? The winters are too long so why not? We may as well get in the mood because it is coming anyway and why not have a few more days of making merry before the drudgery of January hits us? Why not put on a Santa hat and dance around with  the kids? They will love it!

Do you have a lot of decorations? Why not get started early and put out a few things now and a few more things later?

This year we have just moved into a new home so most of my Christmas decorations came out at once right at the beginning of November but usually I  start by getting out my Christmas mugs. It is a simple thing but it helps to get rid of my grouchy “winter is here” mood. I also have a couple dessert trays that I like to have handy. I may not even fill them up yet but I find a spot where they can sit and look decorative. Then out comes the towels and oven mitts to hang in the kitchen.

Next I get out the box that has the nativity scene in it and get that set up in a corner somewhere. Then the angels get placed on a shelf while I drink hot chocolate out of my Santa mug.

A few days pass and I make some cookies with my daughter. We always make lots and put some into a fancy tin for unexpected guests. We may even make some extra dough and put it in the fridge for a bigger baking day on the weekend. You can always put extra cookies in the freezer once they are baked.

As November progresses more and more comes out, or we make something extra, or we pick up something special. Many of our Christmas ornaments have been made a few at a time over the years and other things were purchased from garage sales in the summer time. You can get some really decadent items still in the boxes even with price tags on them! Even in December we still occasionally find a bargain at a thrift store. It does not have to be expensive to be delightful.

Oh and definitely invest in some great music to play softly in the background and get some cinnamon sticks to simmer in a pot on the stove. It makes the whole house smell awesome!

We are currently working on some fine articles for the 12 Days of Christmas. Stay posted because you are going to want to read these great ways to stay in the mood for Christmas that will begin posting on the 12th of December. Hilarious and riveting fun!

Send us your stories about Christmas and we will post them as well.


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