Got To Have a Jack-O-Lantern

There are a lot of new immigrants to Canada who have never made a Jack-O-Lantern. Do you have a neighbor with kids who is new to our country? Why not invite them over to carve a pumpkin together? Or why not have a little neighborhood pumpkin carving contest?

Making a Jack-O-Lantern is easy if you have never done it, but it does require an adult being involved.

Start by carving the hat. You can just make a circle if you want but you should know that after it is a few days old it could shrink and the lid may fall inside. That is why it is better to use a zigzag pattern.

Once you have made the hat and pulled it off you can get inside the pumpkin to empty out the seeds and guts. Don’t throw those seeds away. You can bake them later for a tasty treat!

Use the sharp edge of a spoon to scrape the insides real good and get rid of all the gunk. Make it smooth so nothing can dangle into the flame of your candle later.  Also make sure the bottom is nice and smooth so your candle will have a nice flat place to sit.

Now select the side of the pumpkin that you want to put the face on.

You can do the traditional triangle eyes and nose and big gaping mouth or be more creative, but remember the shrinking later.  If you are going to put teeth in the mouth, make them nice and wide or they may shrivel into nothing as the pumpkin shrinks.

Post your pictures on our Facebook page. We would love to see what you have made.

Put your Jack-O-Lantern on your step or in your window so others can enjoy it too!


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