How to Get Your Child Off The Pacifier

ImageBeing a parent is such a rewarding gift and one of the busiest jobs ever. Babies demand a lot of work and attention, yet they bring more joy to the hearts of families than anything. The tough part about babies is that they don’t come with a parent guide, and every baby is different from the next baby. Sometimes, parents just have to navigate their way blindly and learn things as they go along. One of the things parents try to learn is how to break the baby from a pacifier.
We all do our research and try to be the best parents we can be. But, when it comes to pacifiers there is no defined direction regarding when to stop it and how to stop it. Babies are pretty much expected to use a pacifier, but children entering kindergarten are not. We have to figure out how to get from A to B.
Sooner Than Later
Most pediatricians recommend that a pacifier is best to be removed sooner in the baby’s life than later. When babies begin to learn to babble and speak, they may have problems if they have a pacifier. Some experts say that the pacifier causes teeth to be crooked, because the mouth can be altered with continuous use. Then, what can be worse than to wake up in the middle of the night with the baby screaming because they lost their pacifier?
Cold Turkey
One of the best ways to break the baby from a pacifier is cold turkey. Just take it away. Toss it in the trash can and don’t go back and get it. It works! Some experts say that if you don’t remove it by four months of age, it can be four years of age before you can get rid of it. Try taking the pacifier before the baby gets too dependent on it and don’t let them see it anywhere.
Another way to try to break the baby from the pacifier is by weaning them off. Tell the child a story that the pacifier’s home is in the crib and that’s where it has to stay. If the child wants it, tell them they have to stay in the crib. Sooner or later, the child won’t want to be bored in the crib and will want to give it up. The next move is to tell them the pacifier only stays in the crib at night, and later on just for the weekends. After weekends, take it and let it go. Many parents agree this method works best.
Cut It
Many people try to cut the tip off the pacifier or poke a hole in the top of it. Once this is done the sucking action doesn’t work and the child will lose interest. Once they realize they don’t have that satisfaction they used to get from it, they will let it go.
Pacifier Princess
Some parents use the story that the pacifier princess or pacifier fairy comes to take the pacifier away when the child is old enough. The fairy or princess then takes the pacifier back to another child who needs it because your child is a big girl or boy now. She leaves the child a special present for the child for giving it back. Find something special for your child and leave it wrapped up by the bed so when they wake they have a special gift.
Try to be patient when taking the pacifier away. Hopefully, one of the above tips will be just the right thing that works for your baby.
Heather Morris writes about parenting, family finance & finding cheap travel insurance.

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