Get Out There!

The itch is here!  It is easy for adults to forget what it was like to be a kid at the end of Winter, how all we wanted to do was get outside and enjoy the mild weather and last few snowfalls of the season.  I know that by the middle of April my girls get the itch to get out there and start planning fun things to do outdoors.

It is always a great idea to get outside and enjoy the fresh air, as well as getting your kids out and active. Calgary is a wonderful place to raise a family as there are no shortages of outdoor recreational areas and parks in every neighborhood.  Most kids these days spend all their time indoors, playing electronic games or watching the dreaded television.

Of course there are the times when indoor play time is needed, and necessary (blizzards aren’t fun to play in!) but it is also so important for your child to get outside and get exercise.  It is vital for my family to remain healthy and active by taking time out each day to stretch and get our bodies moving!

Depending on your child’s age, there are a few different activities that will excite and stimulate them.  Pull out an old mat or a yoga blanket and get those little ones stretching to sky and reaching down to their toes!  I always put on some upbeat music to get my girls into it and having fun.  At 7 and 2 years old, you would be surprised how easy it is to involve both kids with the same activity!

After we’ve stretched for a few minutes, we love a good game of hide-and-seek.  Now, you’re probably thinking that isn’t an active game! But you should see the way our family plays! We do “speedy-seek” so we have to get and hide in our special spots within the count of ten – that means there definitely will be some running involved!  My girls love the anticipation and excitement of this sneaky game, and even our dog gets involved!

Of course a good old-fashioned walk around the block is another great way to get your child active, and there are always fun things to do to spruce up a jaunt around the neighborhood.  Have your child look for pieces of nature that they can use later in a craft, or take a disposable bag along and make a game of finding litter and toting it home to recycle.  Whatever the activity it is important to keep fit and stay active for a healthier and happier child (and mom too!).


2 thoughts on “Get Out There!

  1. What a cool brain game (info) site 🙂 fun and easy to get involved with, thanks for the link 🙂 I really think these types of sites should be made more accessible for the elderly too – use it or lose it, we need to keep sharp, young and old —
    Andy 🙂

  2. What a great resource!!
    As commented by a couple of your community, I too would have loved to have this site back in the day.
    As a single parent father, my son and I arrived in Calgary with limited knowledge of things to do and support groups offered here.

    We since became well established and involved in our community. We have since moved on to the Country just outside Calgary to pursue my dream of running a kennel and promoting and training our dogs. (Golden retriever is our Breed).

    During that busy time of growth and development though, for my son and myself, a community like this one would had made our transition here a whole lot easier.

    Full speed ahead guys, spread the word! I know I will!
    Good job!

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