Spring Support!

Although sometimes in Calgary it doesn’t always feel like Spring when our calendars announce the day has arrived, we still celebrate at the thought of longer days, warmer nights and the wonderful outdoor activities our children, as well as ourselves, enjoy on mild days.

With Spring comes new events, more outdoor time and for many children a chance to begin a new sport or hobby.   As a mom to a very active 7 year-old daughter, I am always looking for things to keep her mind, (as well as her body!) active and engaged.  I am very lucky to have a wonderful sports organization a few blocks from our home so enrolling her in Soccer was a no-brainer.  Her dad was a passionate sports fan and strong soccer “genes” seem to run in the family!

However getting a child involved in after-school programs is not always as easy as it sounds.  It is a struggle for many parents to find outdoor or at least physical activities for their children when many moms and dads both work full-time and have busy schedules.  We all want our kids to learn teamwork and stay fit, while having fun and enjoying the company of their peers.  Thankfully more and more communities are getting the hint and we continue to see after school care broadening their programs and parent-volunteers becoming more common.  Team sports, as an example, teach children how to cooperate and work together with teammates towards a common goal.  Wouldn’t it be great if your child had the opportunity to learn these values while having a blast doing it?!

We are very lucky to have the great sports programs we do in the city of Calgary, and there is always a parent or friend that has information that can help us get involved.  Supporting our families and growing healthy children are our number one jobs as parents and community members.  So do a little research and take the first step in creating strong and healthy children!

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