Easter Eggs – Fun and Heritage

I grew up in Saskatchewan and although my last name is George I thought I was Ukrainian until I was 12 years old. My Mother’s Dad was Ukrainian and he was a huge influence in my younger years. Me and my brother took Ukrainian dance lessons for 9 years and we learned to do cross-stitch embroidery and make real perogies from scratch.

We also learned how to paint Easter eggs the way that it was done in the Ukraine. Bees wax and colorful dies and dipping and dipping and dipping for hours. The culture that we learned was phenomenal but the labor was really intense.

Last year I took my children to the Ukrainian Village near Vegreville so they could see and experience the life that my great grandparents encountered when they came over to Canada. It was an awesome day of wonderful stories, warm home-baked bread and learning about the beautiful Easter eggs made in the Ukraine.

Today we can go out and buy a kit in a store and have some fun with our kids as we paint and color, but there are also some really neat things we can find online to make it a more unique experience.

Here are a few that I found today that you may enjoy.

1. Natural Dye

You can make these eggs with natural dye from things in your home. Click here.

2. Pictures Of The Real Thing

Click here for tonnes of great photographs of real Ukrainian Easter Eggs!

3. Learn Pysanky

Want to learn how to do the real Ukrainian Easter Eggs? It is called Pysanky and you can actually learn the culture and follow the steps by clicking here!

4. Easy Eggs

Not so ambitious? That is ok, neither are we anymore. This is a site that gives you several sweet ideas about how to dye some lovely hard boiled eggs to engage your growing children in a fun and educational family activity. Click here.

This article was written by Kerry George who home schooled her three children for 8 years as a single mom. Now that they are teenagers Kerry enjoys writing about their childhood years and a whole lot of other things. She is the owner of www.loyal2U.ca and www.calgarybiz.net and also has a blog at http://loyal2u.blogspot.ca/ where she yacks about life and business as a serial entrepreneur with an attitude.

One thought on “Easter Eggs – Fun and Heritage

  1. Great ideas to get the kids involved in a fun and creative! Love the ideas for decorating Easter Eggs. Thanks for all the family geared ideas for activities around town 🙂

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