Kids Are Valentine Experts

Fun for the kids!

Children are naturals at showing love and affection. They enjoy sharing their hugs, kisses and excitement at seeing those they love.

Receiving a homemade gift from a child is such a special treat for the giver and the recipient. Most children love to create and the energy and joy that they put into what they are making is evident.

The crafts don’t have to be fancy or complicated. Put out coloured sheets of construction paper, markers, glue, glitter, and a paper doily and see how your wee ones delight in creating something beautiful.

A simple craft that still makes my heart flutter is a little circle of clay with my son’s handprint in it. He wrote his name with a skewer. When I see it now, I remember his tiny hand in mine and see his first attempts at printing his name and it brings back so many incredible memories. You can use clay that air dries and doesn’t require a kiln.

In many cultures, the making and sharing of food is a way of expressing love. Allowing your child to help you bake and decorate cookies is a wonderful way to create lasting memories and share the love to family members and friends with your tasty treats.

Speaking with your child about Valentine’s Day and it’s meaning will have a profound impact on them whatever way you decide to celebrate the holiday and spread the love!


This article was written by Suzanne Tuckett


Suzanne Tuckett is a writer, artist and mother of two grown sons. She was a stay at home mother for 18 years before restarting her career. Now she is looking forward to the day when she becomes a grandmother. Currently Suzanne is a promoter of good things at 


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