Valentine’s Day Cards

When February rolls around I start to get excited!  What could be better than a special occasion dedicated to love?  What makes this second week in our shortest month my favorite has to be craft time with the kids.  Having two daughters, there is no shortage of pink paper and lace in our house, so it’s easy for us to whip up a beautiful and creative craft to display on our mantel, or present to a friend along with a big hug!

We always start by preparing our craft area with some packing paper or good old newspaper to catch the drips and drops that might not make it on to our final masterpiece!  Then we prepare our desired media – construction paper for card-making, glue, and don’t forget the glitter! (It’s the most important part!)  Along with some other designs, my girls always want to make the classic heart-shaped Valentine’s Day card, so a trick I’ve used to get that perfect outline is our V-day cookie cutters!  You can purchase large-sized cutters perfect for this job almost anywhere.  Just outline the cutter with a pencil and voila! You have the perfect heart outline for your card.

After penning a nice phrase or saying into the inside, my girls love to get crazy with the decorations!  It’s always a free-for-all with glitter and glue, not to mention the lace and ribbon!  By the end of the activity we have an assortment of dazzling heart-shaped cards made special for our friends with tiny hands – and don’t forget the love!


By Hillary Doucette




As the mom to two small daughters, Hillary is constantly on the go! She loves to work and keep busy, with her girls providing continuous fuel for her new writing projects.   With a background in copywriting, she is very passionate about getting information across. Hillary is a vegetarian with a love for animals, art, reading, music and just snuggling with her daughters watching a good chick-flick after a long day.


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