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I downloaded this app a long time ago and had forgotten about it until I got a notice of an update.  I thought I should revisit it again and have found that it is a super great app to keep the kids entertained!

The NFB app has to be one of the coolest apps ever!  My kids have recently discovered the “Cat came back song” and it instantly made me think to search for the NFB movie.  Yep it’s there and free and what’s even better is that it has a built in option to send it to your AppleTV which means I can watch the movies on my TV at home.  How cool is that??If you grew up in Canada you likely remember many of these great films like the The Cat Came Back, The Big Snit, The Sweater or The Log Driver’s Waltz. I was so excited to find all these for the kids to see (and especially for me to see again!).  There are so many others listed here as well.

So when you want to entertain the kids you can either pull this out at home or on the go (it’s best used with a wi-fi connection rather than 3G though) and re-live some of your childhood as well!

You can find the NFB app here or in iTunes.  And the best part?  It’s absolutely FREE!

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