Ol’ MacDonalds Resort

After booking the train in Stettler I received the tickets in the mail with a pamphlet with an adverstisement for Ol’ MacDonalds Resort Campground.  I thought this would be a perfect stop for the night since it was only about a 30 minute drive to Stettler so arriving by 10:30 am wouldn’t be so difficult.  It took us just under 3 hours from Calgary to get here and Google maps actually tried to take us to a road that was impassable so it’s best to follow the directions on their website.

We tented here but if you have an RV or trailer this place is perfect!  They also have cabins if you don’t have either.  The place is well treed and there are also plenty of group sites if you have a large group of friends headed out.  We’ve always stayed at campsites with very minimal amenities and are always excited when they have flush toilets so this place was way beyond our expectations.

The kids first noticed the petting farm and thought it was so great to see piggies and donkeys while camping.  There were many 4 playgrounds with a large one in the main area that was full anytime the rain was gone.  They have a camp store with basics and firewood for sale as well as a cafe and museum, arcade and indoor mini golf.  It was raining most of the weekend that we were there so many things were not in use such as the horseshoe pits or the merry go round.  The little train did make an appearance later in the day when the sun finally showed it’s face.  For $2 per child the train takes the kids for a little ride around the campground.  The thing the kids were most attracted to were the go-karts.  You can rent karts or different sizes depending how many people want to ride together and ride around the campground.  The roads are partially paved and well graded so bikes are also a great thing to bring along.

On top of all this there is also a beach for swimming.  We never ventured there since the weather was not warm enough for swimming and the rain kept up from walking over there.  There was so much to do without needing the beach but on a hot day it is a great bonus.

Overall the buildings are a little run down but the washrooms are clean and the sites are well maintained.  Each site has a fire pit that is sunk in the ground.  Since the fire can’t get much oxygen this way I highly recommend some type of fire started that will keep the wood burning since we had so much smoke!  They have showers and laundry and even recycling at each site.

This is definitely a place to which we plan to return!

3 thoughts on “Ol’ MacDonalds Resort

  1. My son loves Old Macdonald’s farm and keeps asking to go camping there. The beach is lovely when it is hot out. They maintain it really well. We probably played at least 3 rounds of mini golf a day…

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  3. I totally agree, it is so fun, especially when it doesn’t rain. We will be going there soon! But one good thing to do when it does rain is go to the indoor mini golf, arcade and gift shop. You also forgot to mention Grandma’s Kitchen and the best sunset I have seen before. If you want to see my website including pictures, 3d scenes, weather, directions, a scan of the brochure I got, and cabin selector for this campsite, see olmacsite.x10.bz

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