Camping supplies – the resources

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I have several years of Girl Guides, Pathfinders and Rangers experience camping and so have collected many resources over the years.  One thing we love to have camping is a box in the tent full of camping books to read through around the fire or in the tent while it’s raining.

Here’s some of the books we have stashed in our gear:

This one is great!  It’s an Usborne book from about 20 years ago and is all about survival.  It’s a great book for the older kids to read through and learn survival skills and has pictures all along the way to keep interest.  If you ever find these old books at sales  grab them – they are so wonderful!

Another Usborne book in our collection is Camping & Walking:

This one has great tips for choosing sites, cooking, setting up camp, etc.  We only do car camping so far with the kids but this will get them interested in being more adventurous!

This is one we picked up at Costco a couple years ago.  It has some tips for camping (mainly non-car camping) and then a great chapter on taking the kids along.  There’s also a chapter about taking the pets too if you have both.

A good one we picked up at Costco this year is:

This one is great since it has lists for gear, tips for camping from the backyard, to car, to back country.  Lots of cartoons too for the kids to flip through and look at.  This one is specifically written for kids.

Another we like is:

This has a list of great hikes for the kids and then a chapter about the best way to introduce them to the mountains and outdoors.  This again was picked up at Costco so be sure to scan the book aisle in late spring for great resources.

The last one we throw in to the gear is a binder.  I have clippings from guides that I keep and we print off recipes to keep so we have an idea of what to make and what we liked from previous years.  I have a master list of all our equipment and a list of maps of all the campgrounds we’ve been to.  Once we visit a campground scout out the best sites and mark them on your map.  The next time you book a site you’ll know the site to ask for!

A couple great online resources are:

Camper’s Village – they have a great set of lists to print off before you head out. Camping – some topics about camping & gear

Scouts Canada has an equipment list worth checking out

Campground reviews – gives reviews of sites you can check before choosing where to go.

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