Camping supplies – the essentials

We are well into cleaning out the camping gear for this year so here now is the rest of our gear.

We organized our remaining bins by tent, fire & sleeping.  Our tent bin contains everything related to setting up our tent:

Tent, ground sheet, tarps, rope, mallet, extra pegs (all different kinds for all types of terrain!), dust pan & broom (for sweeping out tent), pump for air mattresses

The sleeping gear one contains:

roll-up mats (we tried air mattresses but prefer the self-inflating mats), sleeping bags, blankets (any old blankets and quilts get relegated to camping gear), flashlights, lantern, books about camping

The fire tote contains:

newspaper, fire starters, large pots (to use on campfire – they get well chared so we use our old creuset pots), citronella candles, bug spray, wash basins, paper towels, toilet paper, garbage bags (lots), grill & other toasting elements for the fire pit.

One of our best purchases in the past was our camping BBQ.  We got it for $20 when a friend happened to be at a fireplace store and saw a great sale and phoned us up and picked one up for us.  We really didn’t think we needed it but it sure has come in handy.  If you are like us and go for hikes during the day and then come back to the campsite to eat lunch you don’t always want to start up a fire just to cook up lunch and so it’s nice to have a BBQ for quick lunch breaks.  It’s also been great for fire bans.  How do you cook hotdogs without a fire pit and without boiling them in a pot of water?  We love the BBQ for this as well.

We also drag along the coleman stove and water containers.  We have 2 reserved for campground water that we use to wash dishes etc and then we take along a large drinking water one.  This way we don’t have to worry about drinking water bans that often happen throughout the summer.

I should also note here that we do car camping so we bring along as much as we can.  And yes we do manage to stuff all of it and the kids and dog into the van!

What essentials do you take along?


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