Battallion Park – Signal Hill

The kids point out the numbers on the hill every time we pass Signal Hill area.  If you live in Calgary you’ve likely seen these at some point.  I’ve noticed several times that there are stairs behind the Staples store that lead up to the numbers so we decided to venture up there.

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What are the numbers?  Well they correspond to the numbers of four battalions of the Canadian Expeditionary Force who trained in the region before embarking for combat deployment overseas during World War I.  The area around there was known as Camp Sarcee and later Sarcee Training Area and was a military reserve used from before the First World War and up until the 1990s by the Canadian Forces.

We headed up the stairs which are very easy for a toddler to handle.  Once you get to the path at the numbers it can be very windy but you will have an amazing view below and out to the mountains!

You have an nice close view of the stones that make up the numerals and there are several plaques discussing the area and war.  The kids had fun counting all the stairs and weren’t so interested in the history but I was still able to scan the signs and get some info from them as the kids ran past.

There’s a second set of stairs up to the neighbourhood of Signal Hill and another stone monument with an arch with the park’s name.  It’s quite pretty and you really get an appreciation as to the view the people who live up on the hill have every day!

The kids had a great time counting stairs on the way back down and overall it’s a nice little hike for the kids with an amazing view.

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