U6 Minifest

We started U6 Soccer this year and were asked if we wanted to participate in Minifest.  We had no idea what to expect at all but my daughter had a great time.

Minifest is held at the Subway Soccer Centre in SE Calgary and was a one day event for the U6 soccer teams.  Teams join and then each team plays 2 games against other teams in the city.  Since our teams only play teams in our community league this was a nice way to meet other teams in the city.

It was bitterly cold Saturday for this event.  Next year if I had to give anyone advice of what to expect I would have to say expect to be wet and cold.  Packing mini mitts and toques would be highly recommended!  Not only for your little soccer players but also for the fans.  Minifest was well organized and there were many many fields.  Each field was well spaced so that the kids could run on the sidelines and not interfere with other games.  All in all it was a fun event despite the weather.

Calgary EMS, Police and Fire Department were on hand with vehicles & trucks that the kids could take a look at inside and this was a great hit with my son and kept him entertained while my daughter played.  The teams played two 30 minute games and a 90 minute lunch meant we were able to pop home, warm up and eat before heading back for the second game.  Each team was also supplied with noise makers, backpacks, Tim Hortons timbits, water and Tim Hortons soccer medals.  My daughter was beaming with pride when she got her medal at the end.

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