Urban Camping

We have lots of fun camping with the kids but one thing about camping near Calgary in a tent is that the early camping season usually involves snow or very cold nights.  After being miserable year after year we swore off May camping – at least until we get a camper or tent trailer.

So as a substitution we like to backyard camp.  Sometimes in a tent but sometimes just with a campfire.  This year there was a campfire ban in city limits so do check with 3-1-1 before having one!

There’s a few things you need to keep in mind before camping at home.

1. Check with your local fire station about the rules for campfires and whether you have a yard where you can do this.

2. Have a bucket of water nearby. We also like to have the hose handy in case of flare ups.

3. Be sure that when you are done you put the fire out completely!

We like to have crab hotdogs (like in picture above) and s’mores.  We’d love to hear what recipes you like!

For our s’mores this year we chose to use Reese minis – they were a lot cleaner with the kids and they love the PB!

So next time you are dreading the early camping season weather.  Consider saying home and urban camping.  You can always run in to the comfort of the house if the weather gets to be too much!

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