Puddle splashing!

This rain can be quite depressing.  One thing thing I always try to remember though is how much I used to love it as a kid!  I used to play outdoors for hours in the rain in our playhouse.  We’d splash in puddles and find it fascinating how many worms came out.

So when the weather gets wet I try my best to put a smile on and dress all up in rain gear and head out to jump in puddles!

We chose a spot in our back lane where there is very little traffic but I found that often school yards and playgrounds with pavement can have some of the biggest and best puddles!

I got splash pants from Children’s Place for $5 in the sale section.  These are very important for proper puddle jumping.  If you have your own join in with the kids and have fun.  Otherwise staying off to the side is recommended to keep from getting soaked!

Where are your favorite puddles in the city?

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