Iron Horse Park

I found out about this place last year at the end of the season and managed to visit on their last weekend.  I was so sad to have to wait another year to visit so am so excited that that time is soon upon us!

Iron Horse Park is the best outing for train lovers.  They have miniature trains to ride on that follow a track around their park.  It’s quite extensive and the kids loved it!  They have built bridges, tunnels, little mountains, ponds, etc.

There’s plenty of parking and even though they are located in Airdrie it wasn’t too long of a drive from central Calgary.  While we were there there was a birthday party setting up. How cool would that be for a party?  They have their birthday rental information here.  As for admission, it was very affordable at $3/person with kids under 3 riding free.  They have picnic tables outside and concession inside so it’s very easy to make a day of it and stay and enjoy watching the trains ride around the park.

Be sure to follow them on facebook for updates.  The opening date this season is Sunday May 22nd.  We hope to see you out there!

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