Consignment, Community Sales & Favourite Clothing Stores

I was very fortunate with both my kids that my sister worked at a retail store and always seemed to be picking up items on sale or as gifts for the kids that we had a ridiculous amount of clothes for them.  But when there were items I still did need I ran out to the consignment stores.  I personally go to Once Upon a Child on MacLeod Trail due to convenience but there are several stores in the city you can find one near you just by googling.  What I love about the consignment stores is that I can get the brand names that I like in terms of quality for a fraction of the cost.  I especially look for Gap, Children’s Place, Mother Care, Carter’s & Osk Kosh.  It’s usually a special outing with the kids where I scan the clothes while they scan the books and toys.  I’ve picked up some great books there as well!

As for Community Sales.  I went to these every Fall & Spring during the first couple years of my children’s lives.  I bought some great items like a Baby Bjorn for an amazing price!  These can be crazy places but are often worth the lining up and rushing through to find the perfect item before someone else snatches it.

An upcoming sale this month is: Used Designer Clothing & Gear Sale, April 29 5 pm to 8 pm & April 30 8:00am-1:00pm (Corner of 16 Avenue & Home Road NW)

For a full updated list of other sales check out Family Fun Calgary’s list.

Other stores I have found to be great for reasonable prices on clothes are: Children’s Place at CrossIron Mills, H&M & Superstore.  Children’s Place has some great deals at their CrossIron Mills location.  I have managed to pick up T-shirts for the kids at $1/piece!  H&M has always been great for me for mini mitts (sizes smaller than the one size fits all) and stockings and they often have a sale rack with some great deals and I love that their stock changes all the time that the kids aren’t all dressed the same as all their friends.  Superstore is probably the place where we buy most of our clothes.  Joe Fresh has a great selection of reasonably priced clothes as well as beautiful and stylish.  The sale racks at the Signal Hill location have some amazing deals and I rarely make it out of the store without some type of clothing purchase!

For some more great tips on saving and shopping consignment check out Family Fun Calgary’s page.

Where do you like to shop for your kids clothes?  Any great money saving tips when it comes to clothing for kids?

Danielle is mom to a 4 year old daughter and 2 year old son and always looking for fun things to do with the kids.  She blogs over at fourdayshome.

4 thoughts on “Consignment, Community Sales & Favourite Clothing Stores

  1. There is also a really awesome consignment store right outside of Calgary in Airdre called Grow With Us, they replaced Catertots Consignment and sell a lot of the same things. Its really well priced and has nice stuff.

  2. In the SE, I have found the Huckleberry Kids has great used options for kids (they are in Copperfield). I agree with you about H&M, Superstore and Children’s Place in CrossIron Mills. We have gotten some awesome deals at all of them. I also went to Old Navy recently in Chinook and scored a whole fall wardrobe for Hannah for less than $60! They were having an “additional 40% off clearance” sale. The Gap factory store in Deerfoot Meadows also has great sales…and they have adjustable waist pants…a must for my skinny minny!!

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