My Top 5 Playgrounds in Calgary

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I started out last year to find great playgrounds in Calgary. I found a lot of great ones and this coming year I hope to find even more.

Here’s a list of 5 of my favorite playgrounds from last year (and one honorable mention).

1. Bridgeland Community Centre Playground

This playground is what I wish more community playgrounds were like. It doesn’t take up a huge area, but it has lots of variety, things that will appeal to toddler/preschoolers as well as school-aged kids. It is also accessible to kids with a large variety of disabilities.

2. Renfew Community Centre Playground

This playground is perfect for kids 5 and under. There is so much that kids who aren’t even a year and a half can do independently. The flooring and ramps are great for crawlers or kids who are still unsteady on their feet. But it still has things that will be appropriately challenging for preschoolers. It is also one of the most accessible parks I’ve found in Calgary.

3. Prince’s Island Park Playground

This is a definitely a destination playground. The surrounding park area is gorgeous, complete with pathways, mature trees and the surrounding river. During the summer months you can also walk over to the water park at Eau Claire. The playground itself is one of the largest in Calgary with something for everyone. The Calgary theme completes the package.

4. South Glenmore Park Playground

This playground has everything. It has big toddler area, a big schooled aged play structure and a spray park. The park area has mature trees and there are pathways that run by the playground that continue along the water. There are picnic tables and a large gazebo. In the summer months there are even washrooms right next to the playground. The spray park is completely accessible and there is accessible flooring throughout the playground.

5. Prestwick Pirate/Castle Playground

Gordie was too young to fully appreciate this playground but it is one I would expect him to beg me to take him in years to come. Nothing could be cooler than playing in a castle except maybe playing in a pirate ship. This playground is very visually appealing and provides great opportunities for pretend play.

6. Honorable Mention – Alberta Children’s Hospital Playground

This playground is everything a playground should be. If the parking was not so expensive it would definitely be in my top 5. The stage provides an opportunity for play that I haven’t seen elsewhere in Calgary. The flooring and toddler play structure  are accessible to children with a wide variety of disabilities. The gazebo is impressive and the wide ramp allows people with physical disabilities to get up to a good height. The park area is beautiful with pathways, hills benches and picnic tables.

If you have an suggestion for a playground I should review please e-mail me at Or if you are willing to do your own review, I would be happy to post your review of a playground you like. Look here for details.

Dana is a mom of a 1.5 year old boy. She spends her free time reviewing playgrounds and other play spaces over at Calgary Playgrounds Review.

7 thoughts on “My Top 5 Playgrounds in Calgary

  1. Thanks for sharing….it’s so hard to find good playgrounds. I find the ones in the community where I live are either for toddlers or older school aged kids. We’ll have to make the trip to a couple of the ones your mentioned 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for taking the time to reviewing playgrounds and play places…I love hearing of new places I can take my kids and it’s especially excitting for me to find somewhere that I can take both of my kids, one is 10 years and the other is 18 months. I will be making the trip to a few of these playgrounds for sure, but I was wondering if you had been to any good playgrounds in the Ne area?

    • I haven’t been to any great playgrounds in the NE yet. I had hoped that the playground at Prairie Winds Park would fit the bill, but it was in pretty rough shape. I hope to find some for this coming year though.

      If anyone has any tips, I’d love to hear them!

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  4. The Winston Heights / Mountview play ground on 7th street and 22 avenue NE was completed over the last 3 days with the help of over 60 volunteers. The Park is the first in Canada to use Xccent equipment. It is a play ground like none you’ve ever seen before adventurous kids 5-12 will love it, there is also a new toddler section. The safety inspection and gravel should occur this week weather permitting and the play ground will be open by next weekend June 7th. I will post here again to confirm when the play ground is open. Its a must visit perhaps the most interesting playground in all of Calgary. Come see for yourself.

  5. Wow thanks, I’m pretty sure I’ll be taking my son there, but also theres the helicopter playground at Kensington, that’s a really nice playground 😀

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