Egg decorating for Easter

I had my hands full the other day with 2 young boys under 4.  My nephew who’s 3.5 was visiting and my son who’s 2 was bouncing off the walls!  They were very interested though when I suggested an Easter craft.  So we gathered some materials together that we had around the house and managed to keep them busy for an hour.

Materials: Eggs, tissue paper, paint & white glue

I got the idea from my Usborne Easter things to make and do book but adapted it to their age.

First I took the eggs and carefully cracked them and removed the inside.  I kept it in a bowl so I could use it later for baking.  I rinsed out the eggs and dried them.  Then I used white glue and a thin strip of tissue paper to glue it back together.

Then we got the boys in large T-shirts and put out a table cloth and got out paints.  I let my son use the finger paints since he always tried to “taste test” the paint.  The boys painted the eggs and then used pieces of shredded tissue paper and stuck it to the paint.  At the end they had beautiful coloured eggs!

Danielle is mom to a 4 year old daughter and 2 year old son and always looking for fun things to do with the kids.  She blogs over at fourdayshome.


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