Mall Play Areas in Calgary

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Malls in Calgary are very family friendly. This Winter we checked out the 10 malls in Calgary with play areas for kids. I’ve listed each below in alphabetical order.

1. Chinook Centre image

Calgary’s biggest mall does not have a dedicated play area, but it still has a lot to offer. There is a full sized carousel in the food court as well as two stores with train tables (Chapters and Discovery Hut), a play area inside the Lego store and great escalators.

2. CrossIron Mills–Little Fossil Fun Zoneimage

Located just North of Calgary, CrossIron Mills is one of the most family friendly malls in the area. There is a dinosaur themed play area, train table at Kids Crooked Houses,  train table and play area in Indigo, interactive floor mat and lots of interesting things for kids at Bass Pro Shops. It also offers lots to look at throughout the whole mall. Sign-in is required at the play area and you will not always be able to get in right away.

3. Deerfoot Mall Play Ship image

This Winter the Deerfoot Mall got into the act with a ship themed play area that includes touch screens for older kids, and panels and a large bead maze for the little ones. No sign-in is required.

4. Eau Claire–Kids Zone Indoor PlaygroundIMG_4429

Eau Claire has one of the most unique play areas in Calgary – it’s an old outdoor play structure brought inside. This is one of the best locations for older kids to get some physical play but there is a toddler section as well. As it is downtown the parking is high during the week, but they have $2 evening and weekend parking. No sign-in is required.

5. Market Mall – Kids at Play image

Market Mall is one of Calgary’s most popular play areas and it is not hard to see why. It has a transportation theme with a large area for big kids and little kids to play and run around. It requires sign-in and be prepared to not be able to get in right away.

6. Marlborough Mall – Family Park Rest Area

This play area is different from any other in Calgary. Instead of things for kids to climb on, this play area is a maze for kids to run around in. No sign-in is required.

7. North Hill Centre–Kids Play Area IMG_4426

The play area at north hill  is quite small but it does the job with panels, things to climb on and a bead maze. No sign-in is required.

8. Northland Village Mall Camp Play Area image

This camping themed play area has things to climb on and slide down. It’s not a big space, but it’s perfect for toddlers. No sign-in is required.

9. Southcentre Mall Play Areas image

South centre has three themed play areas featuring panels, climbing structures and touch screens. None of them require sign-in.

10. Sunridge Mall Eco-Park Play Place image_thumb[3]

The Eco-Park play place has recently moved to the centre of the mall behind the elevators by Shoe Warehouse. It now requires you to sign-in your children for 30 minutes at a time. It features climbing structures with tunnels and panels.

Dana is a mom of a 1.5 year old boy. She spends her free time reviewing playgrounds and other play spaces over at Calgary Playgrounds Review.


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