Fun Foam = Hours of Fun

As you may have noticed from some of my previous posts, my daughter and I love to make crafts together.  However, I have been searching for a project that she can do on her own.  My thought process was that not only would this give her confidence to work independently, but it would also give me a much-needed break during the day.

Our solution, foam.  Foamies, fun foam, craft foam…call it what you want, but for me it all adds up to the perfect craft for my almost 4-year-old.  This stuff has been around for years, but has recently seemed to jump into the spotlight at many of the craft stores.  I first bought some a few years ago when I started making child-friendly Christmas ornaments.  From there, our collection has grown to including Easter eggs, bookmarks, photo frames, and various abstract art pieces.

Our favourite products are the ones that have sticky backs.  This is crucial for Hannah to craft alone.  Some kits include glitter glue, but I tend to avoid letting her use it alone.  I simply give her a bowl for all of the paper backings, and she goes to town making creations for our whole family.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to the available projects.  Our current stash of foam stickers includes bugs, flowers, and letters.  We even found some sea creatures and cowboy themed packs on a recent vacation.  Other options include houses that you can build and more detailed creations.  For now, we tend to gravitate towards the basic sheets of foam and stickers.

I highly recommend giving foam a whirl.  It has provided countless hours of fun in our household, and thanks to frequent sales and coupons at local craft stores, it won’t break the budget.

Sharon is a New England girl who never imagined that she’d find herself living in Canada. She has a wonderful husband and together they created a Diva Monster. Follow her on her crazy journeys at Nanas Button Jar!!


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