Finding Mommy Friends with Social Media

By Ann-Marie Burton – founder of

If I had one tip for any mother out there it would be: Find other Mothers.

Motherhood can be one tough gig. Especially in the beginning with constant feedings, messy diaper changes and little sleep. Not to mention the isolation and frustration a newbie mom can have as she tries to figure out her new role as parent. As the “veteran” mom of 3, I hate to admit it, but each child has added to the stress and need to be a ‘perfect’mommy.

What’s a mom to do to feel more “normal” and like herself? She needs to find other like-minded other moms to learn from, talk to, share stories and laugh with. Every mom needs a friend to enjoy the beauty of parenthood with.

How do you find other mothers? Meeting other moms can almost feel like dating again – should I ask the mom from swimming class over for a coffee or is that too forward? And so on….

Enter in social media to help with this dilemma and help us moms develop online communities to support each other. Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and online message forums are our new fangled quilting bee where moms can share and learn. Online we can learn, in spirit, we are NOT alone.

But still – I crave a real hug from a friend. I need to see my kids interacting with real life buddies. And I want to share a real java with a pal, not just send one as a Facebook gift. is just the place.

Momstown combines all the favourite elements of an online community (busy forums, quick answers, interactive calendar of events) and bundles it with a real life experience. Each momstown chapter in Canada hosts dozens of events monthly for their members – all geared for moms with kids aged 0-6 years old. Online relationships transfer into friendships at our events and vice versa.

A momstown membership redefines your neighbourhood community. momstown’s personal interactions, grassroots neighbourhood focus and real –life events will always challenge the definition of “social media” as we know it..

You can find on Facebook here and the Calgary chapter here.  On Twitter you’ll find them at @momstownca and the Calgary chapter at @momstownCalgary.

We’d also like to let our readers know that momstown Calgary North chapter is currently up for sale and looking for an entrepreneurial mama to run and own it as her own. Are you a budding entrepreneur? Love to plan events? Embrace social media? Visit to learn about momstown Calgary (or starting a new chapter from scratch).

Ann-Marie is the busy mom of 3 kids (kindergarten, preschool & baby) and the founder of momstown. You can find more of her blogs about parenthood, arts & crafts ideas & recipes on

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