Seedy Saturday

We started gardening last year with the kids.  And now that we have our Calgary Horticultural Society Membership we are getting antsy about spring coming and planting season to begin!  We headed out this past weekend to pick up some seeds.

The idea of the annual Seedy Saturday event is that people can have a place to trade & swap seeds and that people can pick up seeds from experienced local gardeners.  We thought it would be a perfect place to pick up some vegetable plants for this year.  I had many different ones in mind, my daughter just wanted a rose.

The cost was $2/person (kids were free) and the place was packed!  This is not a place to bring strollers so either have your child walk or carry them in a carrier.  There were several tables set up and some had very long lines!  My daughter headed straight to a table with seed packets with photos of poppies.  The fellow running the booth was so friendly and asked if she enjoyed gardening.  He then gave her 3 beans and told her they were magic beans for planting in the garden.  She couldn’t have been happier.  We ended up picking up a poppy packet for her to plant in the front garden.

I then headed to a table selling vegetable seeds.  I got peas, carrots and two lettuces.  All the seed packets were going for between $2-3.  On our way out we picked up a tomato seedling and are looking forward to sweet cheery tomatoes this summer!

We will keep you posted as to how our planting season goes this well but we already have confidence knowing that local growers have had experience with the plants we chose.

Danielle is mom to a 4 year old daughter and 2 year old son and always looking for fun things to do with the kids.  She blogs over at fourdayshome.


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