A New Take on Vacation Mementos

If you are like me, you probably have countless mugs, t-shirts, and other trinkets from various family vacations sitting around your house.  A few years ago, my husband and I decided to put an end to the vacation clutter and we came up with an idea that has worked great…Christmas ornaments.

The holidays are a time that we tend to reflect back on fond memories, so why not include vacations in the mix?  As our daughter gets older, she loves hearing the story behind each ornament as we display it, and we love how personal our tree has become over the years.

There are many benefits to buying ornaments, rather than mugs and t-shirts.  For one, they are usually quite small and easy to pack in your suitcase.  They also tend to come packaged nicely, so breakage isn’t as much of an issue as it can be with mugs or other ceramics.   Next, most vacation spots sell ornaments year round, though many do discount them during the off-season.  Who doesn’t love a cost saver?  Finally, one ornament is likely to cost much less than t-shirts for the whole family and can bring just as many smiles.

We try to mix it up a bit and get ornaments of all different types.  If you don’t find one that suites your taste, how about having one of your favourite photos made into an ornament?  Many online services, as well as local photography stores, offer this feature year-round.

Whether you decide to start collecting ornaments or you find another type of memento that works for your family, I guarantee that you’ll be creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Happy Collecting!!

Sharon is a New England girl who never imagined that she’d find herself living in Canada. She has a wonderful husband and together they created a Diva Monster. Follow her on her crazy journeys at Nanas Button Jar!!


2 thoughts on “A New Take on Vacation Mementos

  1. That is a great idea. We often buy things for our house when we are away (although sometimes that is hard to transport) and then it’s in our house to remind us of the fun times we had.


  2. We do this all the time! And it’s also great for bringing back gifts for other people. My friend and I exchange ornaments as presents at Christmas and it’s so neat to see where the other has traveled throughout the past year.

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