Social Media Monday Part XI: Using Pinterest

Have you been following blogs or checking out websites and found great things/ideas you want to remember?  I used to print off ones I loved but then found that to be too crazy in terms of paper.  I then switched to bookmarking pages but lately have found that my bookmarks scroll on forever!

Introduce Pinterest.  I found this not too long ago so am still learning as I go.  Basically it is a way of cataloguing the things you come across things you like on the internet.  Once you get an account and log in you see a screen like this:

It’s like flipping through a magazine.  If you hover over an image you can choose to ‘pin it’.  This will save the photos you like in your list.  You can follow other users and see their lists and others can see yours as well and re-pin them.  On top of simply re-pinning the community photos you can save the ‘Pin-It’ toolbar to your browser and so whenever you are surfing and see something you like or want to remember for later you click on the toolbar button and you will be given the option to ‘Pin It’ to your account.

As a parent I love this keeping a list of things I like.  I categorize things by home, kid’s parties, crafts, and so on.  Now when I plan a birthday I can go into my list and take a look at ideas that I enjoyed.

In order for a site to be ‘pinned’ it needs to have large photos.   It’s like eye-candy!  It’s very easy to spend WAY too much time on this site.  So be sure to find a time that you can enjoy and not feel rushed.  And then go ahead and start ‘Pinning’!


4 thoughts on “Social Media Monday Part XI: Using Pinterest

  1. I love Pinterest! Just got my invitation this past weekend and have started an inspiration board for home libraries called ‘Books, Bookshelves and Bibliophiles’ and also a board for recipes. It is such a great way to organize and keep track of anything, soup to nuts, on the internet. For bloggers it has the added bonus of tracking where an image or article came from so credit can be given when appropriate. LOVE it!

  2. I love Pinterest too – I spend way too much time on there. I think those of us who are already signed up can send invites to other people. My friend sent me an invite and I got in right away. I haven’t sent out any invites so if anyone wants one send me an e-mail at meli.mello AT gmail DOT com and I will send you one right away.

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