ABC Photo Challenge – M & N

Here’s another photo tip from Kids in the Capital:

Photography tip

This is anything but rocket science, but I think sometimes we need a reminder.

Print your photos!

I realized at one point that I hadn’t printed any new photos in something like 15 months! You’re taking lovely photos, print them, put them on your walls, give them to the people you love!

Which leads to another question. Where do you have your photos printed? I generally order mine through Costco.  I know some people use more professional places to print their photos. Do you find a big difference? Discuss!! :)

M for Maple Festival

M for Maple Festival

Photo by fourdayshome via Flickr Creative Commons License

M for Making Friends

M for Making Friends

Photo by heffalump23 via Flickr Creative Commons License

One thought on “ABC Photo Challenge – M & N

  1. I’ve had great luck with printing photos at Black’s and online through Snapfish. Both have done a wonderful job and I’d use either service again. Bth also offer books and other treasures, so there are lots of ways to preserve happy memories!!

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