Spring Playlist

If you’ve ever been on my blog you’ll see I LOVE music.  I’ve been on a music cruise, traveled across the country to see concerts and I budget money to buy new music every week.  This has translated over to my kids, if there is not music on in the house or the car they usually ask for it.  I recently posted my spring playlist on my blog and thought it would be fun to do something similar with kids music.   I don’t have enough kids music to post new songs every 4 months like I do with my music, but probably twice a year.  Since this is my first post with kids music I’ll start with some of my favorites.  Also my favorite kids music NEVER and I mean NEVER includes the mini pops or anything that sounds like toddlers singing, which translates to music that you will be able to tolerate.  A lot of the time the songs are educational or fun.  For this playlist I’ll post songs that are all classified at Childrens.  But I’ll be sure to do a post of my favorite songs for kids which are not classified as kids.

So here in the Winter/Spring Kids playlist:

1. Crazy ABC’s: Barenaked Ladies.  The Snacktime album by the Barenaked Ladies, is one every parent should have in their collection.  It is funny and educational.  I like the songs so much, sometimes I find myself singing along even after I’ve dropped the kids off at the dayhome.   This song is one of the educational ones, where Steve and Ed have very funny banter.

2. All I Want is You: Barry Louis Polisar: I first hear this song in the movie Juno but when Lucas came home from kindergarten singing it I put it on the kids playlist.

3.  See You On The Moon: Great Lake Swimmers  Nettwerk did a great compliation of albums called  For the Kids.  There is For the Kids One, Two and Three.  All of them are really good.  They take some of their signed artists (like Sarah McLachlan, BNL, Avril) and have them sing kids songs.  This is one my favorites.

4. The Inchworm: John Litgow.  Really you’ve got to love this guy.  He has a whole kids album which is again educational and funny.

5.  Ladybug: Rabbit.  This is one of my newer finds.   The album Do Fun Stuff was a recent purchase and some of the profit benefits charity.

6. Peanut Butter Toast: Sarah Harmer  Love her voice and this song has a great message too, for all of those who are green like me.

7.  D&W: They Might Be Giants.  If you are new to kids music you may have never heard of the They Might Be Giants, but all of there albums are AMAZING.  Again education and funny.  This song is from the album Here Come the ABC’s.

8. Horatio the Penguin: Great Big Sea.  On the tv station Tree House they have a show Roll Play where they have little shorts about animals.   This song is great (not to mention I LOVE Great Big Sea)

9. LadyBug Picnic: Elizabeth Mitchell.  She has such a soft and soothing voice.

10.  Jenny Jenkins: Lisa Loeb.  My husband love Lisa Loeb and introduced me to her music when we were younger.  I’ve followed her since then and she recently put out a kids album too.  This is one of my favorites from it.

11. Wake Up: The Verve Pipe.  A great song to get the kids dancing.

12. The 3 R’s: Jack Johnson.  I couldn’t get more of my favorite things in one song.  Jack Johnson is fantastic and it’s a song about the environment.

What about you any favorite kids songs I should get?

Jenn is a Wife, Mommy, Sister, Daughter, Friend and Barenaked Ladies Fan and blogs over at My Life in a Nutshell.

3 thoughts on “Spring Playlist

  1. A few of my favorites are

    Another Rainy Night – Rick Springfield
    Firefly – Dan Zanes
    Three Little Birds – Bob Marley – B is for Bob (his kids album version)
    Crawdad – Ross Sutter
    Big Rock Candy Mountain – Lisa Loeb
    The number song – Mr. Ray

  2. Great list!!! BNL, Jack Johnson, They Might Be Giants and Lisa Loeb are all on our favorites list too!! I agree 100% with you about not having any “toddler” music in the house. Our daughter also listens to a lot of Top 40 music, and in all honesty, it has opened up dialog regarding “life” topics.

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