Social Media Monday Part X: Using Meetup to meet other parents

How do you find moms groups in the city?  If you are a new mom looking for other moms to connect with and have playdates, Meetup should be high on your list.  Head to the site and search moms – your local pages should show up first and you will see that there are MANY for the city of Calgary!

Once you find a group that you think might work for you based on their summary all you need to do is request to join the group.  I have found a couple groups I like related to moms helping other moms and a play date and babysitting co-op.  There’s also one for Calgary bloggers.  This is a great platform for groups to e-mail the entire group about meet-ups.  You can RSVP to the events or spend more time and chat with some of the other people who have joined.  I downloaded the iPhone app so it makes RSVPing to events so much easier but you can request that you be e-mailed every time a new event is created.

Photo from itunes

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to attend a lot of the events since they fall at the same time as my work hours but there are many events posted each day, depending on the number of members in the group so there’s usually something you can find.

So next time you’re wondering where to meet people consider checking out meetup!

Danielle is mom to a 4 year old daughter and (almost) 2 year old son and always looking for fun things to do with the kids.  She blogs at Four Days Home.

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