Birthday Gift Ideas for School-Aged Kids

I have school-aged children which means I have a lot of birthday invites that start heading our way in the spring! Besides the shuttling back and forth, the worst part for me is figuring out what to buy for a present. For my children, a gift card will not do. On the other hand, these same-said children are absolutely no help when it comes to buying a birthday present.

Not all girls like Barbies. Not all boys like Batman. So here are some of my “go-tos” with the real hope that they please both the child and the mommy! Most of these ideas are gender-neutral and encourage the child to think or play actively. Most importantly, these gifts tend to be twenty dollars or under (my limit for birthday parties!).

(Note: If you want shopping information, click the image.)

Marble Run


Glow Station™ On the Go

Stomp Rocket

Connect 4



Sorry Sliders

P.S. City of Calgary recreation gift cards are a fun idea too. They can be used for the pools, gyms and art centres throughout the city.

Allison mixes up her day with mothering, working and crafting. She has three wild jackals (also known as children): Tristan who is seven, Charlotte who is five and Avery who just turned two!  She blogs at Stampin’ When I Can.


One thought on “Birthday Gift Ideas for School-Aged Kids

  1. Great post! I myself think that finding the right gift can sometimes be difficult. What I think is that people tend to like unique gifts that are hard to find and not sold in stores. People like the gifts more this way since they cannot be replaced. I have been buying a few items from and giving it away to friends and family. They all love it. The stuff there are pretty cheap and unique and they deliver fast.

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