Calgary Science Center

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The Telus World of Science has it’s last exhibit at their current location – 701 – 11 Street SW.  The Titanic exhibit was really cool.  We decided to take our three kids (all of them were free because they are under 4), and it cost us $58 to go.  Adult admission is $23.50, plus it cost $2/ half hour to park.  Because of this price we are unlikely to go again any time soon.

Aside from the cost, we had an amazing time!  We were not sure what to expect, as we had never been there before, and we were pleasantly surprised.  The exhibit itself was very interesting and even the kids enjoyed looking at the artifacts.  Friends of ours came with us, and we had a total of five kids with us (aged 10 months to 6 years), and they were all entertained the whole time.  It was neat to see all the things that were found in the wreckage and they had them set out in various ways.

In the exhibit there is a section where the kids can do an experiment with floating.  It is parent supervised, and more for the older 5 022 kids.  The small kids didn’t understand and didn’t want to stay.

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The part the kids found most interesting was kids center (which I cannot for the life of me remember what it 5 003 is actually called).  There are so many different things for the kids to do in there, it is nearly impossible to name them all, but I will try to mention as many as I can.  There is a table of nails when you fist walk in the door, that you can lay on; a music type room that has shapes on the floor that make musical notes when stepped on and further through there are some guitars the kids can play with. 5 012 There is a drama ‘theater’ where a stage is set up, with dress up clothes, a puppet theater, a sound/light station, and large props.   5 021 There are a couple of craft tables.  A section is divided off for kids under 6 with a lego table, 5 005water table and sm5 018all climbing area.  There is a tunnel for the kids to go through, and a floor trap in the centre.  My kids did not want to leave

5 0175 0155 016

You are not allowed to take pictures in the exhibit, but you can elsewhere (like in the kids part).  They discourage big strollers, but there are umbrella strollers there to use free of charge.  It was very hard to find a parking spot, but we did go on a Saturday afternoon.  There was a guy in the parking lot directing us to park across the street.

This exhibit is open until June 27, and I am under the impression that this is the last exhibit at this location.  The new location is being constructed by the Calgary Zoo.

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(The pictures are all from the kids area due to the fact that you cannot take pictures of the exhibit)

Kim is a stay at home mom of three. Calgary is her home town and she loves to get out to do fun things with her kids!  She blogs over at Something Awesome in Calgary.


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