ABC Photo Challenge – I & J

Thanks to those who signed up and decided to join along with me. Feel free to jump in at any point along the way!

Here is another photo tip , thanks to Kids in the Capital again!

Tip #3 – Flash

Last week we talked about turning off the flash and using natural light.  We all know that sometimes this just won’t work.  For example at birthday parties with the lights down for the candles on the cake.  Not all is lost however.  You will need to use the flash on your camera but there’s a fix for the flat light that they produce.  Create a diffuser.  A diffuser is something that softens the harsh light from the flash.  A simple one is to tape tissue paper (white) over the flash.  Another that I have done in the past is to take a plastic milk jug and cut a square about 2X2 inches and then with electrical tape I taped some cardboard to the sides to keep it on the pop-up flash but still be off it a little.  You will notice a tremendous difference in the look of your flash photos!

Here’ a shot from this week’s challenge (no J entries yet):

I for Ice:

I for Ice

Photo by fourdayshome via Flickr Creative Commons License



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