Month in review – February

February was a chilly month for Calgary but we managed to pack it full of things to do!  Here’s what we posted in case you missed out on any of the fun!

We welcomed many new contributors this month!

We looked at how to choose a preschool, and some preschool experiences (here and here).

Photography Challenge

We started our Photo Challenge (with posts for letters A&B, C&D, E&F, G&H and a Giveaway!)

Social Media Monday Series

In our weekly series we looked at joining Twitter, finding people on twitter, finding your voice with your blog and reading, writing and commenting on other blogs.
We follow up with Meal Assembly part II and learned about a great company called Dashing Dishes.

February 7-14th was CHD Awareness Week and we marked this with a personal story of diagnosis, surgery and the health system & and an update.  We also looked at a mom’s personal reason for doing the annual Mother’s Day Run.

Crafts & Fun

We shared Valentine treats to make with the kids and wintery indoor fun for the kids.  We had fun doing gymnastics with the kids.  We checked out more train fun for the boys and Thomas fans in your life.  We become young fans early in life attending professional sports with toddlers and found some fun activities for outdoor parks with the kids.

We learned some great tips for eating out with kids and introducing them to new worlds through food.  We went on another mountain getaway with the kids in Kananaskis and an update on the ice sculptures at Lake Louise.  We also went on a drive to the dump with the kids.  Camping season is coming soon and the online reservation system is up and running!


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